Russ Harrington speaking at FPP fall seminar

Russ Harrington speaking at FPP fall seminar



For 25+ years, Russ Harrington of Nashville, Tennessee, has been the go-to photographer for Country Music’s biggest stars! With over 600 album and CD covers to his credit, Russ continues to grow and challenge himself, both as an artist and a teacher. He has been a featured speaker at ImagingUSA and this year he added Texas School to his resume.

A typical session for Russ:

He has a narrow window of time to photograph one of the world’s most famous personalities. During that window, he has to account for the production of sets with Prop Dept/Assistants/Producers/Management/Talent/Makeup/Wardrobe/B-Roll Folks/Location Scouts/Catering and the CLOCK! He’s in charge of directing the subject and all of the supporting staff on set.

His work will be seen all over the world, and he must create enough variety for the artist to use in album covers, promotional materials, merch items, social media and press releases—for the next 18 months! No pressure…

For the first time in his career, Russ is openly sharing his secrets, lighting techniques, and tips.

  • See custom-tailored lighting schemes used throughout a day of shooting
  • Gain confidence by learning an arsenal of lighting applications for challenging situations
  • Witness the impact of varied light sources and modifiers
  • Learn how to deliver your clients more images, with more variety, in less time
  • Hear behind-the-scenes stories of some of music’s most famous photographs, and the lessons they taught Russ

Be one of the first to learn from the photographer of Nashville’s A-list musicians. Enjoy Russ’ light-hearted, unassuming, candid style as he teaches and fields questions.

Learn more about Russ, and see some of your favorite album covers at


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