Gig O’Dea – Newborn Photography

Gig O’Dea – Newborn Photography

Come Join PPSWF on February 20th, 2018 when we host Gigi O’Dea with her presentation on Newborn Photography.

With over 20 years of experience in working with newborns as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse, Gigi will show you the best ways to handle newborns and secrets to a successful Portrait session.

She will tell you how she successfully works withmultiples and specialthings to consider when working with them.  She will go through her workflow and lighting for her newborn sessions,  for both studio andher signature “Newborn Nature” sessions.

Gigi will discuss how to take your newborn portraits to the next level and make your portraits stand out through customizing the session to each client.  Whether you are photographing newborns or seniors, she will talk you through her creative process and how she comes up with ideas and creates images that set her apart from her competition by making her images more than a portrait, but a piece of art.

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