Membership Levels

A group of like minded photography professionals and hobbyists. We share a goal of learning and growing the art of photography. We gather once a month to participate in workshops, classes, and competition.

Active Membership

  • Resident of Florida
  • At least 18 years old
  • Has voting rights and may hold office
  • May enter competition

Student Membership

  • Currently enrolled in a post secondary school
  • Must provide proof of enrollment on a yearly basis
  • May enter competition
  • Has not voting rights and may not hold office

Vendor Membership

  • An individual Service Member offers services to the professional Photographers
  • Has no voting rights and may not hold office.


Memberships Include:

  • One full year with free meetings for $189 ($149 for students) or
  • One full year with meetings at $15 for $89 ($49 for students)


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