November 19th, 2019 – Marti Newkirk – Marketing and Post Processing

Marti Newkirk – November 19th, 2018

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Mission BBQ

12984 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Boudoir – Before and After – Marketing and Post Processing

At the end of Marti’s hands on boudoir programs, she always shares her contact information with attendees and tell them to contact me if they have any questions or if she can help in any way.  This program has been created based on the most popular questions she has gotten over the years since she has been speaking.

  1. How did you get your first customers to get started? She will go over how she built up her boudoir business and some ways she advertised to get new customers.
  2. How do you retouch your images? Marti will go over her workflow and editing from start to finish to show you what she does to my customer images.
  3. Question and answer session.

Those of you that know Marti know that she is a no-holds-barred kind of girl!  She is an open book and wants to help you in any way she can.  Start writing down your questions for the Q&A session at the end.


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Marti Newkirk is a Certified Master Photographer based in Lakeland FL who specializes in boudoir and portraits. She has been photographing professionally since 2010. She has earned Silver Medals in Professional Photographers of America’s 2015 and 2016 International Print Competition with her images accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection and a Bronze Medal in 2019. Her work has been featured on the cover of Southern Exposure, a Southeastern Professional Photographer magazine and Florida Photographer, the magazine of the Florida Professional Photographers Association.  Marti was also named 2015 Photographer of the Year by the Professional Photographers Guild of Mid Florida. In 2014, she was awarded First Place in Children’s Photography in 11 states by the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association and earned her designation of Certified Professional Photographer, CPP.

Marti is currently the Vice President of the Florida Professional Photographers Association, having served as President in 2018. She is also Vice President (again) of her local guild, the Professional Photographers Guild of Mid Florida, having served as President in 2015. In her spare time, Marti enjoys spending time with her close photographer network, her husband, the incomparable Mr. Bill and the 3 cats that own them.


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