Landon Day – July 21st, 2017 Speaker

Landon Day – July 21st, 2017

6:30pm – 9:30pm

The Residence Inn

Gulf Coast Towne Center, 10054 Gulf Center Dr., Fort Myers, FL


Senior Photography

Come listen to Landon explain how he has become the sought after senior photographer in an area saturated with photographers in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Landon has no secrets so bring your questions and make this as interactive as you’d like it to be. We will talk education, gear, posing, customer relations and much more. Landon will walk you through how he breaks the ice and gets his seniors comfortable quickly so the great photos start at the beginning of the session. He will talk about light, posing, background and settings to understand what needs to be visualized before you click the shutter.


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DayDream Photography was founded by Landon Dayin 2004. We’re not just about taking great pictures, but about capturing special moments that create amazing works of art. Christian, husband, dad, and photographer. Landon is not just some guy with a camera that takes cute pictures on the weekend. He is a Certified Professional Photographer, and in 2016 he received his Photographic Craftsman Degree.


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