May 21st: Salon Competition

May 21st: Salon Competition

Join us for Salon Image competition! This event is a great opportunity to learn. We invite master professional photographers from across the state to judge and critique our members’ image submissions.

What’s in it for the audience?

Simply attending Salon is an incredible opportunity to get inside the heads of our professional judges. Listening to their critiques and scoring will help you understand the qualities desired in award-winning images. Through careful observation, you’ll start to see your images differently and learn new techniques to apply to your own work.

Why compete?

Salon competition is all about competing with YOURSELF. Artists benefit from hearing their own images critiqued and seeing which images and techniques do well and where they can

improve. By planning your sessions to work towards creating Salon-worthy images, you will grow your creative skills. Merits received will help you achieve awards and degrees within our industry– giving you credibility as an artist. Bring a thick skin and an open mind and prepare to grow!


Salon Competition starts at 7pm.



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  1. Jerald Hawkins says:

    I am a previous member. Did not know we were alive again. Great!!!! I plan to attend 5/21.

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